About Us

Juice Me is the brainchild of Kiya and Kellen Priester. We are both Charleston residents who are passionate about enriching the mind, body, and soul. We love the city of Charleston and are proud to be local residents. We see the need to provide locals in Charleston and surrounding cities with a rolling truck of green goodness! Juice Me is an easy and convenient way for people to get delicious fresh juices and smoothies that are made from local fruits and vegetables without having to go very far at all! Juice Me offers made to order juices and healthy snacks to grab while on the go. Our menu caters to all aspects of the juice realm from newbies down to our juice is life peeps! 

Our Team

Kiya Priester

 Kiya is the mastermind behind the brand, Juice Me.  A Charleston Southern University Graduate with a bachelors in Biology and is currently persuing a degree in Education. Kiya is a lover of all things juice and smoothie. 

Kennedy Priester

The driving force for the will, desire, and determination to make Juice Me a success. Kennedy is just the awesome little person who keeps us all going and striving for more.

Kellen Priester

The website designer, the logo designer, the consultant, the calm in the midst of a storm, and anything else he is needed to be here at Juice Me.  Kellen keeps the level head and everything at bay when it all seems too hectic. He is whatever we need him to be!